• Incense Violet Purple Blue Passion Flower Vine Live Plant Passiflora Incarnata x cinnata Starter Size 4 Inch Pot Emeralds TM

    Product Information: Common Name: Incense Passion Flower Vine Botanical Name: Passiflora Mature Size: 10 to 12 runners Flower Color: Violet Purple Blue Bloom Form: Unique to the species Fragrance: Light Recommended USDA Zone: 6, 7, 8, 9 Soil Type: Fertile, well draining Soil PH: Neutral to slightly acidic Watering: Moderate to Light Special Features: Cold Tolerant, Showy, Attracts Butterflies Suggested Uses: Shade Garden, Trellis, Fence, Arbor, Houseplant, Potted House Plant Adaptive: Yes Limited Conditional Warranty: Healthy Arrival Extended Long Term Warranty: None Country of origin: USA Passion Vines are a unique and interesting plant species native to Central America.  There are several hundred different types in an endless variety of color combinations.  In the early 1600s Catholic Priests in Peru documented what they believed to be a religious symbolism in the unique flowers of this beautiful vine. and thus the name passiflora or passion flower was coined.  All passion vine flowers are unique and unlike anything other flowering plant.Most all passion vines are quick growing and aggressive climbers that put out true tendrils to wrap around any support.  Some will grow very large with runners of more than 20 ft. and are must haves for butterfly enthusiasts. I...

    • Color: Blue, Violet
    • Brand: Emerald Goddess Gardens
    • ASIN: B00UMK9KLS
    • Part No: PAS-VBL-INC-04

  • TEMCHY Artificial Daffodils Fake Flowers, 4 Bundles Purple UV Resistant Faux Greenery Foliage Plants Shrubs for Garden, Wedding, Outside Hanging Planter, Farmhouse Indoor Outdoor Decor

    Artificial Daffodils Flowers Look Lifelike Enough and Add a Tough of Nature to Your Space One of the simplest, loveliest ways to brighten up a living space is with plant life. But let's face it, we can't all be blessed with the time, natural light, or green thumb to properly care for living plants. Fortunately, TEMCHY has many different types of faux greenery plants flowers you can decorate your space with and enjoy! Add more sunshine, color and greenery to your room, office, kitchen, dining room and any other place. Artificial purple daffodils flowers look very life-like, whether for show, or bring freshness - they will look so live and full of greenery and never fades all year round. Low-maintenance and never wilt, our vibrant Purple daffodils bushes are the perfect plan to make hedges of. Place them into a decorative vase or urn for an added splash of greenery, keep your home filled with fresh plants flowers at a very low cost. Not limited to one place, fake flowers allow you to play around with your design and give a new appearance to your garden or room. Make your walkway, pathway, staircase standout by bordering our faux dwarf purple shrubs terms, cool colors create an illusion of enlarged space. Notes: 1.There might be some smell, you can put it in a ventilated place f...

    • Color: Purple Daffodils
    • Brand: TEMCHY
    • UPC: 611138980890
    • Part No: Nei-AF-PD

  • Cold Hardy 'Red Rover' Passiflora Edulis - Edible Purple Passion Flower Fruit Vine - Live Plant

    This is the Passiflora Edulis 'Red Rover', highly prized edible passion fruit vine. Great vine to grow with delicious fruit to eat. They produce the large edible passion fruit that are purple, best to let it fall to the ground rather than pick it. This vine will do extremely well in California and Florida, and will produce fruit in colder states as well as it can be grown in a pot and brought in for the winter. The fruit is a very delicious and considered one of the best tasting of the Passion Fruits. Plants are Tissue Cultured Clones, ready to grow and bear fruit within a few month and are shipped in a 3.5" tall pot pot Note: The photos of the plants and flowers were taken in our growing area and are of our plants and flowers. Cold Hardy down to 27 Degrees. Min -3C 27F

    • Brand: LLC Marketing
    • ASIN: B01M24PVY1
    • UPC: 603803607386

  • Grunyia 6 Bundles Artificial Flowers Lavender Bouquet in Purple Artificial Plant Arrangement Lifelike Natural Fake Plant to Brighten Up Your Home Decor Party Wedding Garden Office Patio Decoration

    LAVENDER BOUQUET -- For the miracle of love,it belongs to you,wait here, just for the moment.Perfect for wedding decoration,for your home, your lover. Our lovely lavender artificial flowers are perfect for home or office decor.  Plus, the beauty of these silk plants are welcome centerpieces to any dining table, as well as the conference table. Spritz some lavender oil on the petals of this flower bouquet and your friends and family will be amazed when you tell them this is a fake plant !  Each bundle of Flocked flowers measures 14.5" to 16.5" long, it never wither and fall,looks beautiful,vivid realistic and lifelike. Perfect for your wedding day, craft projects or just make your own beautiful display. Increase more color and vitality to your life ,make you have a good mood every day  Package included:  6 X Artificial Lavender Bouquet as picture show (The vase is NOT included)  Tips: When shipped, each bouquet are putting close in order to reduce space. Customers can  adjust the branches to the most natural state. Warning: There had the artificial flocked spray on the lavender bunches, not plastic residue.  Note: Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightlydifferent on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same  Grunyia is committed to...

    • Color: Violet-blue
    • Brand: Grunyia
    • ASIN: B074LJWC1H
    • UPC: 606719621989
    • Part No: 14207035

  • Purple Passion Flower Passiflora Betty Myles Young - One Vine in 4" Deep Pot - Fragrant Passion Flower Vine | Ships from Easy to Grow TM

    Purple Passion Flower Passiflora Betty Myles Young | Puple Passion Flower. Betty Myles Young produces exquisitely fragrant, wildly exotic purple blooms all summer long. A vigorous passiflora, look for blooms the first season, and every summer thereafter, so long as you protect her from a hard freeze.

    • Color: Betty Miles Young
    • Brand: Easy to Grow
    • ASIN: B01IE088SI
    • Part No: 14707-01

  • YAPA Potted Lavender Flowers -Small Artificial Purple Plant - Cute Flower with White Ceramic Vase for Home, Party & Wedding Décor

    This small potted artificial lavender is one of the best choice for you love! It offers the realistic in color and texture. It brings the lush beauty of the outdoors to your home without the hassle and worry of maintenance. Its pots give it a touch of rustic style, but its design is versatile enough for any decor. Name: artificial potted lavender Material: allergy-friendly environment-friendly plastic flowers Color: purple, white Diameter: 6 inch Height: 10 inch Weight: 0.66 lb Application: indoor/ outdoor use. Attention notice: 1. Product may ship compressed - primping of branches or leaves may be required to match the image shown. 2. There would be accumulated dust if you put it in a place for very long time. you could sink it into salt water with high concentration for 10 minutes and then add neutral detergent and then rinse twice. 3. Please don't put it under strong sunshine.

    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: YAPA
    • ASIN: B07JQZZQ9M
    • UPC: 735317589169

  • Oxalis Triangularis 'Purple Shamrocks' - 15 Fresh, Ready to Plant, U.S. Grown Bulbs

    We happened upon oxalis triangularis years ago and have used it every season since. It adds a rich shot of purple courtesy of the fun, triangular leaves. The flowers are small, pale pink and plentiful. Oxalis are some of the easiest plants to grow, with fabulous purple foliage that looks great all season. They are perfect for windowsill pots, garden edgings and ideal for mixed planters. Also known as lucky shamrocks . . . who doesn't need more luck? Oxalis are easy care and easy to plant. To get them going, just poke the funny looking little bulbs into the soil. Add a little water. You're done. This is a Leafari staff tested and recommended variety. For complete planting information, see: www.leafari.com/oxalis-shamrock-planting-guide.html

    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: Leafari
    • ASIN: B0767LQL2X
    • UPC: 706970688216
    • Part No: L2734-15

  • TEMCHY Artificial Lavender Fake Flowers, 6 Bundles Purple Lifelike Faux Foliage Plants Shrubs for Wedding Bouquets, Outside Hanging Planter, Farmhouse Indoor Outdoor Patio Home Decor

    Artificial Purple Lavender Flowers Look Lifelike Enough and Add a Tough of Nature and Romance to Your Space One of the simplest, loveliest ways to brighten up wedding is with purple lavender. Here comes the bride, carrying a lovely bridal bouquet of faux lavender silk flowers, just like with a bouquet of "Forever Love". Plus, carry the themed lavender flower bouquets over to the wedding party and as table decor at the wedding reception. Our Lovely Lavender Artificial Flowers are Perfect for Home or Office Decor Artificial purple lavender flowers look very life-like, whether for any dining table, or the conference table, the beauty of these silk plants will become centerpiece. Enhance your french country style or farmhouse decor with these fake lavender country flowers. Plus, make great floral arrangements with these lifelike plants. Place them into a decorative vase or dress up a rock garden and thrives in hard soil, keep your home filled with fresh plants flowers at a very low cost. Not limited to one place, fake flowers allow you to play around with your design and give a new appearance to your garden or room. Make your walkway, pathway, staircase standout by bordering our faux lavenders shrubs terms, add color and life to your office or home decor. Notes: 1.There might be ...

    • Color: Purple Lavender
    • Brand: TEMCHY
    • ASIN: B07DXM136D
    • UPC: 611138980982
    • Part No: Nei-AF-PL

  • Orchid Flower Plant, Purple Double Spike in 5-Inch White Ceramic Container, From Hallmark Flowers

    The Hallmark Flowers Double Spike Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid brings the color of spring and summer indoors. This 16-30-inch tall, 2"-3" wide pink orchid is naturally dyed purple, features 2 spikes, and ships 75-80-percent in bloom with blossoms lasting up to 3 months with proper care. It is grown using the same sustainable and environmentally conscious methods as non-dyed orchids. To care for your Hallmark Flowers Orchid, water with 3 ounces of cool water once per week and keep in bright, indirect sunlight preferably with east or southern light exposure and air temperature between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Be careful not to overwater the flower pot and don't let your orchid's air temperature fall below 55-degrees F. The Hallmark Flowers Double Spike Purple Orchid comes in a 5-inch white ceramic container and is sure to brighten up your spring decor. When the orchid reblooms, its flowers will be the color of the natural plant and will not have color from the dye. All Hallmark Flowers Orchid pots ship in a decorative Hallmark gift box with advanced packaging technology to protect the plant throughout shipping. Double spike orchids make thoughtful gifts for family, friends and coworkers.

    • Color: Orchid Color: Purple
    • Brand: Hallmark Flowers
    • ASIN: B079MJQWQ5
    • UPC: 782752965355

  • Aplstar Artificial Flowers Lavender Bouquet in Purple Artificial Plant for Home Decor, Wedding,Garden,Patio Decoration,4 Bundles

    Lavender Bouquet,the symbol of love,you will definitely love the bouquets. Aplstar team,will always provide the high quality products,we make the strict quality control for the artificial flowers. If you have any issue for the Lavender Bouquet,contact us free,we will respond within 12 hours. Aplstar,make a better life.

    • Color: Purple
    • Brand: Aplstar
    • ASIN: B06XXWSWV8
    • Part No: Apl-F001

  • Coolmade Lavender Artificial Flower Pot - 2 Pack Fake Potted Plants Decorative Fake Lavender Flowers House Decorations (Pink Purple)

      2 PACK SMALL POTTED PLANTS. This potted artificial lavender is a perfect addition for home, shop or office decoration. It looks real enough and adds a touch of nature to your space, artificial potted plants are a perfect addition to your home or office decor.EXTENSIVE USES. Artificial potted plants perfect indoor and outdoor use.These small size artificial plants can bring your space green and fresh so that they are popular in office, home, bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other furniture decorations.HIGH QUALITY. Thanks to made from advanced materials, these artificial lavender flowers topiaries are more lifelike than others in the market. Our artificial plants are best choice. perfect gift for who want to easily enjoy the beauty of nature.SIZE. 4.5”X9”(W*H). (From top tip of the plant to the bottom of the pot). Set of 2. These fake potted plants are about the size of your hand and really High-end artificial lavenders ,look so vibrant and alive, lay time long, never witherDEAL GIFT FOR ROMANTIC LOVING. this potted artificial lavender is a perfect romantic present for a friend or loved both indoor and outdoor.


      Maypop tolerates drought well and is common in old fields and along forest margins. Dies back to ground in winter but recovers in spring. Propagation: Seeds, cuttings. Grow maypop vines on fences or trellises or allow it to scramble over shrubs and trees.

  • 9GreenBox - Royal Purple Bougainvillea Plant -Indoors/Out or Bonsai - 4" Pot

      Who can resist the plumes of bright reddish purple flowers? Not only does 'Royal Purple' make a perfect sized standard, its upright growth is hardly ever without bloom. Unlike many bougainvilleas, this one is not a vine and has a shrubby, bushy growth habit. The brightly colored flowers are less sensitive to the shortening day length, so it flowers freely throughout the year. In fact, the blooms hold their color even with age. In the south, 'Royal Purple' can be used as a landscape plant. Hardy to Zone 9 and higher for outdoors. In cooler regions grow indoors or place outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. Full sun, grows to 2-3' in container, minimum temperature indoors 50°, everbloomer.

  • 20pcs Wisteria Vine Tree Seeds Purple Floribunda Semente Mixed Plant Wisteria sinensis Amazing Climber Flower Seed For Home DIY

      Please note, this item ships from an international seller. Expected delivery is 10-15 days. International ShippingWisteria is a fast growing, woody, deciduous twining vine that grows to 25 feet or more.  In spring time, Wisteria produces a dramatic floral display as it leafs out and flowers with large, drooping racemes (grapelike clusters) of blue-violet, fragrant flowers. Features:Easy to grow with a germination rate of above 80%.It is in flower in May, and the seeds ripen from Sep to October.The fragrance is sweet, intense, and very addictive.This plant is a climbing vine, it can be trained into a tree-like shape.Great for kids to know the procedure of plants growing.Planting instructions:Wisteria on the climate and soil adaptability, like light, cold, drought, are more shade-tolerant.Suitable for planting in fertile, loose soil, deep, well-drained sandy soil.With warm water and soak for 24 hours before planting to conduct germination,Then on demand in the soil, About 1 month emergence.Avoid leaving stagnant water near the surface of the part of the seedling rot.Specifications: Bloom Time: May - JuneBloom Color: Blue-VioletSun: Full Sun to Part ShadeDrought Tolerance: ModerateGermination time: 7-10 daysFor germination temperature: 14-22 CelsiusWater: MediumMaintenance: Moderate to HighQuantity: 20pcsPackage weight: 12g / 0.42ozPackage size: 150 * 100 * 10mm / 5.91 * 3.94 * 0.39inPackage List: 20 * Wisteria Vine Tree Seeds

  • KABOER 1 Bunch Artificial Lavender Flowers Plant Bouquet Home Patio Wedding Garden Decor Purple Lavender 10 Heads

      Made of cloth.The purple lavender bud with green stems adds a fresh touch to your home when you use it as a fake flower for decoration in vase, ideal for dinning table centerpieces, arrange them in a rustic pitcher for a French farmhouse decor, or turn them into hanging garland for outdoor patio.Use them as lifelike bridal bouquets, flower arrangements, use your imagination to create your own style.The Artificial plant would never wither and fall.

  • Purple Tropical Water Lily - Water Garden Live Pond Plant

      Tropical Water Lilies are spectacular pond plants that can be grown outside in your water garden in all zones as long as the weather is warm enough. Tropical water lilies like the temperature to be at least 70 degrees. If you live in areas that freeze, you can winter your tropical water lilies inside and bring them out again in the spring. Tropical water lilies are very free flowering and for the most part, very fragrant. Tropical water lilies come in shades of white, yellow, pink, red, blue and purple. Tropical water lilies come in both day blooming and night blooming varieties. Depth should be maintained between 6" to 18" when first transplanted and then once established can be grown from 12" to 30" deep depending on the variety.

  • Forever Purple Coral Bells - Heuchera - Shade Perennial - Live Plant -Gallon Pot

      Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’. Fancy-leaf Coral Bells. USDA Zone: 4-9. This Coral Bells is destined to become the new standard for purple leafed perennials. It forms a mound of glossy, purple leaves with fluted edges year round. Short sprays of purple-pink flowers appear in summer. Sturdy in habit and vigorous. Nice for borders, containers or in the rock garden. Remove any winter-burned leaves in the spring, otherwise no pruning is required. Another fantastic Heuchera from Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc., Oregon.

  • Purple Ghost Plant - Graptopetalum pentandrum - 4.5 Pot - Easy to Grow Succulent

      Graptopetalum pentandrum is a succulent plant with up to 4 inches (10 cm) wide, flat, open rosettes at the ends of fleshy stems with thick, pale yellow-gray leaves that have a faint purple blush. The flowers, which appear in late winter to early spring on open slightly branched inflorescences, are pale yellow with red markings near the petal tips, and with red stigma lobes and stamens. Easy to grow house plant.