• Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Guinea Pig Food, 4 Lb 6Oz

    Selective Guinea Pig is recommended by vets and provides a tasty balanced diet for guinea pigs with natural ingredients including dandelion and fennel. The food is high in fiber to help promote healthy teeth and tummies and has added vitamin C to help keep your guinea pigs in the very best of health. Selective also contains linseed, a particularly good source of omega 3, which helps to regulate coat shine, thickness and color intensity, as well as supporting a healthy skin. The best part is there is no added sugar in Selective guinea pig food. Not only does sugar lead to overeating and obesity, it can also cause dental problems. Supreme’s Selective guinea pig food is a nutritionally balanced diet for your rabbit.

    • Brand: SupremePetfoods
    • UPC: 730582205820
    • Part No: 4216

  • Selective Naturals Grain Free Guinea Pig Food

    Selective Naturals Grain Free is blended with temptingly tasty Timothy Hay to help promote the good health of guinea pigs. High in fiber and grain free, Selective respects the natural diet, with this delicious recipe that includes essential forage and garden vegetables. It supports digestive wellbeing and has all the vitamins and minerals guinea pigs need to help keep them in the very best of health naturally. Kind to teeth with no added sugars or artificial colors, Selective Naturals Grain Free is blended with natural linseed, to help promote clear skin and a glossy coat. It helps to keep guinea pigs as healthy on the outside as they are on the inside. That's why vets recommend Selective.

    • Brand: Selective Naturals Grain Free
    • ASIN: B0746RPLXX
    • UPC: 730582000159
    • Part No: 4226

  • Supreme Guinea Pig Food, 10lb

    Kaytee Supreme Guinea Pig food is a wholesome, high-quality mix that contains all of the natural protein, fiber, oils and nutrients of whole grains. Fortified to ensure a balance blend, Supreme utilizes natural seeds, grains and pellets to provide your small pet with a simple yet healthy diet. Kaytee Supreme offers high quality ingredients small animals love and the nutrition they require.Kaytee understands that sharing your life with a small pet is not only enjoyable but very enriching. Kaytee shows our love by ensuring we provide your small pet with the best nutrition for a long and healthy life. With over 150 years of nutritional experience, it's no wonder why Kaytee is at the heart of every healthy feeding routine.

    • Brand: Kaytee
    • ASIN: B01KOE51QY
    • UPC: 071859000558
    • Part No: 100526200

  • Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Guinea Pig 1.5kg

    With tasty dandelion, fennel and nettle. Provides a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet. The high fiber levels will enhance digestive health and promote healthy teeth, and added linseed will give your pets a healthy skin and coat. Contains a blend of herbs which help to encourage the natural elimination of stored water. Eases constipation, stimulates gastric mobility and helps to maintain a healthy bladder. There is also extra vitamin C, which is an essential addition to a guinea pig`s diet as they cannot store the vitamin in their bodies.

    • Color: May Vary
    • Brand: Supreme
    • ASIN: B007ZYR8L8
    • UPC: 190283817720
    • Part No: SR4212NET

  • Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food High Fiber Timothy Formula (1 Pouch), 8 Lb

    The quality of a pet’s diet can have a positive impact on health and well being. VitaSmart feeds are designed with special, beneficial ingredients to help maintain health & wellness throughout your pet’s lifetime.

    • Color: Original Version
    • Brand: Vitakraft
    • UPC: 051233347936
    • Part No: 34793

  • Selective Naturals Forest Sticks For Guinea Pigs With Blackberry And Chamomile

    Product Description This product is suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Degus.Selective Natruals Forest Sticks are high in fibre, rich in natural ingredients with no artificial colours and zero added sugar.Ideal for hand feeding, interaction and bonding Ingredients Ground timothy hay, ground alfalfa hay, oat flour, ground dried locust beans, ground peas, blackberries (4%), linseeds, soya oil, dried chamomile flowers (0.5%). See all Product Description

    • Brand: Selective Naturals
    • ASIN: B01NA9AJPS
    • UPC: 730582000098
    • Part No: SR8246NET

  • Supreme Petfoods Selective Naturals Woodland Loops For Guinea Pigs (Pack Of Four)

    These woodland loops with dandelion and rosehip are tasty baked treats made fresh from our bakery in the heart of Suffolk and are high in fiber with no added sugar – ideal for small pet herbivores.

    • Brand: Selective Naturals
    • ASIN: B078Y5VSTZ
    • Part No: 8262

  • Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Rabbit Food, 4 Lb

    Vets believe that high fiber is most important when recommending a rabbit food. Wild rabbits mainly eat grass, which naturally contains 20-25% fiber and rabbits’ teeth and digestive systems have evolved to need a high fiber diet. Supreme Science Selective has 25% fiber so you can provide your rabbits with a high fiber, tasty diet that will help to keep your pets in the very best of health, naturally. With forage as the main source of fiber, Selective contains lots of other tasty, natural ingredients too – linseed with Omega 3 & 6 that help to keep your rabbit’s skin and coat in tip top condition, as well as natural prebiotics to help promote friendly bacteria. The best part is there is no added sugar in Selective rabbit food. Not only does sugar lead to overeating and obesity, it can also cause dental problems. Supreme’s Science Selective rabbit food is a nutritionally balanced diet for your rabbit.

    • Brand: SupremePetfoods
    • UPC: 730582207022
    • Part No: 108025-ROCKY

  • William Craft Timothy Hay Sticks for Guinea Pig Chinchillas Pet Snacks Chew Treats for Rabbit Hamsters Squirrel and Other Small Animals 20 Sticks

    Introduction: The molar grass stick made of natural grass powder has no pigment added and is safe to eat. Open the lid, the grass smells scent, and the molar effect is better, you can take a bite for the ground teeth, pets will love. Each box is individually packaged, not only moisture-proof, but also minimizes breakage, the design is very intimate.

    • Brand: William Craft
    • ASIN: B07JB9G7K5
    • UPC: 728408997790

  • Supreme Petfoods Selective Naturals Forest Sticks For Guinea Pigs (Pack Of Four)

    Selective Naturals forest sticks delicious and nutritious guinea pig and rabbit treats perfectly complement the selective food and hay range. With high fiber and no added sugars, they are also ideal for pet chinchillas and degus. It’s the tasty, healthy way to treat your pets.

    • Brand: SupremePetfoods
    • ASIN: B0793DBTLT
    • Part No: 8266

  • Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet Guinea Pig Food, 4 lbs.

      <p>Wild Harvest Super Premium Guinea Pig Blend provides the ultimate nutrition your guinea pig requires for developing and maintaining optimum health. The specially formulated enriched blend ensures that your guinea pig receives the required carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are needed for a strong and healthy body.</p>

  • Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet Guinea Pig Food, 8 lbs.

      This Wild Harvest Guinea Pig Food, 8 lb, features a tantalizing premium blend of guinea pigs' favorite grains, bite-sized fruits, crunchy nuts, wholesome vegetables and delicious seeds. This Guinea Pig seeds food provides essential dietary variety, great taste and optimum nutrition for Guinea Pigs. The Guinea Pig fruit food is also fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

  • (2 Pack) Small World Complete Feed for Guinea Pigs, 5 lbs.

      Small world complete feed for guinea pig, 5 lb

  • Hartz Small Animal Diet for Guinea Pigs, 10 lbs.

      <p>Hartz Small Animal Diet For Guinea Pigs is a nutritious and tasty diet that your pet will love. These pellets have been specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs and food preferences of guinea pigs. Contains optimal levels of protein, fat and carbohydrates to help your pet maintain healthy weight and overall condition. The ingredients have been carefully selected for your pet's taste to ensure optimal consumption and help provide complete nutrition. Adapted to all varieties and sizes of guinea pigs.</p>

  • Vitakraft Menu Care Complex Guinea Pig Food, 8 lbs.

      Guinea Pig food with Timothy Hay 1st Ingredient

  • Recovery food for Guinea Pigs, SARx by Sherwood Pet Health - soy/grain-free (compare to Critical Care) 114 & 454 gram sizes

      A scientifically formulated complete and balanced guinea pig food designed specifically for guinea pigs who have been stressed by surgery, illness, trauma, or poor nutrition. It provides digestive enzymes, motility herbs, and supplementary nutrients needed to support normal metabolism until proper fermentation cycles are re-established and they begin to eat normal amounts of pelleted guinea pig food and hay.

  • Oxbow Adult Guinea Pig - 4 lbs - Garden Select

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  • Selective Guinea Pig 1.5kg

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  • Selective Guinea Pig 1.5kg 4212

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